Vredesorganisatie PAX

Who we are
PAX is the largest peace organization in the Netherlands. We work to protect civilians against acts of war, to end armed violence and to build inclusive peace. We work in conflict areas worldwide, together with local partners and people who, just like us, believe that everyone has a right to a dignified life in a peaceful society.

Peace is possible. Every person has a right to live without fear. And yet we see uncertainty and injustice, conflicts and war all around us. We see inequality between men and women and destructive gender norms. PAX empowers civilians who peacefully stand up against this. We fight for more solidarity and human dignity, together with those who fight against the oppression for a better future for their communities.

PAX resulted from the merging of Pax Christi the Netherlands and the IKV (Interchurch Peace Council). These two peace organizations had been working respectively towards peace since World War Two and the 60’s. Both organizations started working together more and more. In 2006, Pax Christi and IKV joined forces permanently and together they are now known as PAX.

What we do
PAX works as a Dutch peace organization towards peace in (post-)conflict areas. We work together with peace activists in conflict areas and try to build bridges between rivaling groups. We call for public attention to be paid, in the Netherlands and international politics, to situations of conflict in this world. PAX is active in various countries and regions including Africa, The Netherlands, Europe, Colombia, and the Middle East.

In many countries people are trapped by war, violence hinders daily life and population groups exclude each other because of unsolved conflicts. That is why three goals are central to the work of PAX: the protection of civilians against acts of war, ending armed conflict, and, contributing to a peaceful and inclusive society.

PAX discerns overarching themes that are relevant in more than one region and that are often linked to national, regional and international developments. Consistency required us to develop a thematic policy. Within each theme we distinguish various theories and we rely on our own research and practical experience when we participate in public political debates related to these themes. PAX is especially concerned with the following themes: inclusive peacebuilding, gender, peace and security, protection of civilians, humanitarian disarmament, and business, human rights and conflict.

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